Xplan Transformation Project



Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. Many of you attended the Knowledge Collective session which I know you found useful, to understand what the site will look like. It also raised more questions, which we have tried to answer through your calls, emails and visits. If there are any questions you have outstanding following this update, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

One key question being asked from existing XPlan users and those transitioning from other software was to have more insight into each module and its functionality.

We have an additional Knowledge Collective session on 7th September at 12.00pm. This session will give you a high level overview of each module. CLICK HERE for the description page of each module.

Practice Conversions

Those practices that nominated a data conversion in the survey will hear from Opex shortly. All Coin and Midwinter users who require a data conversion should have received the conversion questionnaire. This will give Opex a high level understanding of your conversion site prior to them contacting you. For any other conversions we will work with you personally around your site needs.

Build Phase

Last week Opex conducted a site overview this was to look at our site and understand the changes required. During September and October, they will begin building our new site in the background. There will be no disruption to our current site. We are currently in Design and Discovery phase which requires us to work with Opex around the requirements for new wizards, advice documentation and additional text for the strategy library as an example.


Once the new site has been built, tested and released all current XPlan users and new software users without data conversion will have access to the site upon release. All other sites who are going through the process of data conversion will work with Opex and nominate your transition date in the weeks following.


As mentioned in our previous email you have access to free workshops which IRESS/Xplan run every month and online training. These workshops fill fast so take a look at the online schedule for your nominated state. We will however run a new user basic workshop in Sydney and Brisbane in October with XPlan just to refresh any knowledge or for anyone who missed out on new user workshops. Following this training and closer to the release date will be the Opex training.

The Opex training will be focused on new wizards and advice templates which have been built. So as mentioned previously you will require a good understanding of entering fact find data and key advice modules in the software when it populates your data.

We will announce the October dates in the next project update.


We have received several requests for the price of each module as some people missed it through the survey. Below are the costs per user/monthly. There will be new XPlan request forms coming out to you. You will need to fill in these forms if you are a new user to XPlan or existing users who might like to change the modules each user has in their practice.

*wealthsolver investment is free within IPS module

Risk Datafeeds

As at 4 April 2016 there are 19 providers with live insurance data:

Eapp’s Module

We are happy to announce that XPlan will offer Madison practices free access to the eApplications module.

eApplications is form technology for producing client centric forms that interact with product providers. Existing client and recommended product details are electronically validated to produce forms, such as prefilled paper forms, or comprehensive messages for sending electronically.

CLICK HERE to view a training video on eApplications:


We will have XPlan on hand to answer any questions and Opex will also do an update during the conference.

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