Welcome to the Futuro Knowledge Collective

From Paul Kelly – Managing Director, Futuro Financial Services

The Knowledge Collective has been built specifically for our industry as a community for you to learn, connect & share knowledge.

It allows you to connect with like-minded business people who understand the challenges faced in this ever-changing industry. 

Knowledge Collective was created by a leadership team of financial services veterans who knew the power of collaboration within their own network.  They had successfully built an AFSL and knew the challenges of sharing knowledge to benefit the network, so they appointed a team with skills in new age technology and communication to build a platform which was easy to access, flexible to use and open source so that it would keep pace with developments.

HOW knowledge collective WORKS

Every week a new episode delivers information, education, connection and a community.  On the Knowledge Collective website you can register for the live webinars which are delivered by advisers, consultants, experts and business people just like you with information, real experience and tips help you keep delivering valuable advice, growing your business and stay motivated. 

Knowledge Collective enables us to easily, generously and openly share our knowledge, ideas and expertise.  Everyone has some area of expertise which others can learn from (no matter how niche or small), and nobody can be an expert on every aspect of their business or the financial services industry. 

We already have the next few months’ worth of webinars scheduled, starting with the first week in April.  You can register for each webinar and watch it live.  If a live webinar is missed, we will send the “In case you missed it” link so it can be viewed at a more convenient time.  Each recording is saved by category in the library so members can search by topic or presenter.

If you would like to present on a particular topic please contact the team.

What you need to do

You will receive an email with a link, user name and password.  You will need to download the “GoToWebinar” software, but this is very easy. Once you have done this, you can register for and watch each webinar. 

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