Speaker of the year,

He has mastered how to use motivation design to make clever happen.

The enemy of success is not failure, it’s apathy.

When it comes to motivation and modern leadership, Dr Jason Fox is a modern day wizard-rogue.  The author, Doctor of Motivation science and leadership adviser was awarded Keynote Speaker of the Year in 2016 and we were lucky enough to have him present at this year’s PHAROS Annual Conference.

Jason at first glance is not a typical financial services conference presenter and once he took the stage we knew that he wouldn’t be entering into the usual motivational rah-rah and pithy business clichés that sound good but don’t actually make sense.

Instead he shared what is more important and that is meaningful progress—the eternal pursuit of betterment.

While Dr Fox’s style is not for everyone, hopefully everyone did have a positive learning experience and at least one take away.

A few notes from his session to share with you:

Disrupt the default, rather than doing more, better – slow things down and allow time for

Work out ways to bring you closer to empathy and you will more likely be relevant in the future


What behaviours can you lead into that will lead to progress

Eliminate the friction that gets in the way.  E.g. put on the workout clothes before you go to be

Try to make relentless business less relentless by slowing things down and take time to think.

What can you rekindle that will give you back momentum and progress



Morning ritual that reminds us what meaningful progress looks like instead of checking email

Weekly have a ritual to reflect on things that got in the way of great work

Each quarter choose 3 important things, projects that matter and seek to fail 50% of them

The opposite of failure is apathy

Each decade take a sabbatical – a good long break to take stock

Each year choose one word that can serve as a fuzzy beacon

Try to choose an interesting word like “Gentleman Pirate” rather than “Invest” or “balance”

Change your behaviour:

  • Take time out to do deep thinking and planning and put into simple, complex and routine activities
  • Be true before 2:00pm
  • Don’t let friction get in the way

At the end of the day – JUST DO THE WORK

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